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Sexual sadomasochism (also known as "Sadism & masochism", in older literature also as "Sado-maso"), also represented by the abbreviation S&M or simply SM is an alternative sexual practice related to causation, resp. enduring pain and humiliation in order to deliver sexual pleasure.

Although pain causation and enduring the humiliation are present in different BDSM practices, in none of them pain and humiliation are leading element, but rather an opportunity that is realized or can be realized under certain conditions (obedience training, corporal punishments for transgression, etc.). In Sadomasochism, pain, humiliation, and coercion, as well as the ways in which they are inflicted, are the central element around which partners – Sadist and Masochist – gravitate.

In reality, pure sadomasochistic relationships between partners are rare and are usually limited to games between casual or situational partners or between friends who practice incidentally and who usually lack a deep emotional connection.
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