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Neck Corset

A neck corset sometimes likened to a posture collar or a neck brace is a BDSM accessory that is designed to fit tightly around the neck and restrict movement, similar to a traditional corset that is worn around the waist. Unlike a traditional corset, a neck corset is designed to support the neck and prevent it from bending or tilting, which can create a sensation of being restrained or controlled.

Neck corsets can be made of leather, latex, PVC, or other fetish materials, and may be decorated with studs, spikes, or other embellishments. The neck corsets typically fasten at the back of the neck with lacing, buckles, or snaps, and can be adjusted to fit the wearer's neck snugly.

The tightness of a neck corset can vary depending on the design and the wearer's preferences. Some neck corsets may be relatively loose, providing a slight restriction of movement, while others may be extremely tight, preventing the wearer from bending their neck or looking down.

The pressure of a neck corset around the neck can also create a sense of vulnerability and submission, which can be highly arousing for both the wearer and their partner. This can be especially true for submissives who enjoy the feeling of being restricted or controlled by their Dominant partner.

Neck corsets can also be used in combination with other BDSM accessories, such as bondage cuffs or bondage hoods. To create a more intense and immersive experience, the wearer may be forced to maintain a certain posture or position, adding to the feeling of submission and helplessness.

In addition to their use in BDSM scenes, neck corsets can also be used for aesthetic purposes. They can be worn as a fashion accessories, particularly in the Gothic or fetish subcultures. Some people also wear neck corsets as part of their everyday routine, as they can help to promote good posture.

It is important to note that wearing a neck corset can be potentially dangerous, especially if it is worn for extended periods or is too tight. This can cause neck pain, breathing difficulties, and other more serious health risks. Restricting blood flow to the neck can cause dizziness, fainting, and even serious medical complications, such as stroke or heart attack. As with all BDSM activities, it is important to practice proper safety measures and to only engage in activities that are safe, sane, and consensual.
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