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Posture Collar

A posture collar is a bondage gear that is designed to fit tightly around the neck and restrict movement, keeping the head and neck in an upright position. This type of bondage collar is typically made from leather or PVC and can feature a variety of additional design elements, such as buckles, spikes, or rings for attaching leashes or other bondage devices.

The posture collar is typically wider than a traditional BDSM collar. It is designed to be more restrictive and usually sits high on the neck, extending up to the chin or jawline, with a rigid construction that keeps the head and neck in a straight and upright position. This can create a sense of high physical restriction and vulnerability for the wearer, as well as enhance the aesthetic and overall impact of the BDSM experience.

The primary purpose of a posture collar is to encourage good posture in the wearer. The tight fit of the collar helps to hold the head up and keeps the shoulders back, which can help to improve overall posture and body alignment. This can be especially useful for submissives who may spend long periods in a kneeling or otherwise submissive position.

Some posture collars may be more rigid or feature additional padding for added comfort, while others may be more ornate or feature intricate design elements. The use of additional accessories, such as leashes or bondage cuffs, can also add to the overall experience and enhance the sense of submission and control. In some cases, the collar may also be used to restrict movement, such as by attaching it to fixed points to prevent the wearer's head from turning.

While posture collars can be a powerful bondage devise they are highly fetishistic and are often used for aesthetic purposes or as a fashion accessory, especially in the Gothic and fetish subcultures.

Although posture collars are particularly popular bondage gear, used in various BDSM practice, it is important to note that they can also be potentially dangerous, especially if it is worn for extended periods or is too tight. Prolonged restriction of movement in the neck and upper spine can cause discomfort or pain, and restricting blood flow to the neck can cause dizziness, fainting, and even serious medical complications, such as stroke or heart attack. As with any BDSM device, it is important to approach the posture collar with caution and use it in activities that are safe, sane, and consensual.