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PVC fetishism

A man with PVC fetish wearing PVC mens thong with front zipper and PVC BDSM mask with open eyes & mouth during erotic photosession
(A man enjoying his shiny Thongs and PVC BDSM mask)
PVC fetishism, also known as vinyl fetishism or shiny fetishism, is a sexual fetishism characterized by a strong attraction to clothing and accessories made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or other materials imitating its shine and glossy texture. PVC is a type of plastic that is often used in the manufacture of smooth and shiny clothing, fetish wear, bondage gear such as PVC cuffs and PVC hoods, and other BDSM equipment.

People with a PVC fetish may be aroused by the sight, feel, or smell of PVC clothing or material. Their fetishistic desires can involve a strong attraction to wear, touch, or see others wearing PVC clothing or accessories, and may also involve a desire to masturbate or engage in sexual activities while wearing or seeing PVC.

PVC clothing and accessories come in many different forms, including pants, skirts, dresses, tops, gloves, boots, and lingerie. These items are often tight-fitting and shiny, with a slick and smooth texture that is visually and tactilely appealing to those with a PVC fetish. PVC fetishists
 may also be attracted to the distinctive sound that PVC clothing makes when it rubs against itself or other surfaces. They may also find the synthetic smell of PVC to be erotic and arousing.

PVC fetishism can take many forms, from a mild interest in wearing or touching PVC clothing to a more intense and obsessive attraction to the material. For some individuals, PVC fetishism is simply a way to spice up their sex life. For others, it is a deeper and more complex aspect of their sexuality that may be intertwined with other fetishes or kinks.

Some PVC fetishists may also enjoy the act of purchasing or collecting PVC clothing as a way to satisfy their fetish. They may enjoy the process of shopping for PVC clothing or accessories and finding unique pieces to add to their fetish collection.

PVC fetishism is often associated with other fetishes, such as latex and leather fetishism, as well as BDSM practices.

PVC fetishism is a common fetish within the BDSM community. The smooth, shiny texture of PVC clothing and accessories is often seen as visually appealing and erotically stimulating, making it a popular material both for Dominants and submissives (who are often masochists). PVC clothing, such as PVC corsets, catsuits, dresses, and underwear, is often used to create an alluring and provocative image. Smooth, shiny, and tight-fitting PVC clothing is often associated with the BDSM Dominant stereotype, especially the image of a Dominant woman due to its connotations of power, dominance, and control.

PVC is also an extremely popular material for making bondage gear. In various BDSM scenarios, a submissive partner may wear a PVC collar, be restrained in PVC cuffs, and have his movement limited by a PVC body bag, creating a sense of powerlessness and surrender. A Dominant partner may also use PVC bondage gear as a tool for sensory deprivation by covering a submissive partner's head or eyes with a PVC hood or PVC blindfold.

While PVC fetishism is often associated with BDSM and kink communities, it is important to note that not all people with a PVC fetish are involved in fetish or BDSM activities. Many PVC fetishists simply enjoy the look and feel of the material and incorporate it into their personal style without their passion necessarily affecting their usual sexual behavior.