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A popular name for a person who enjoys inflicting psychological, emotional and / or physical suffering to another person (Masochist).

Although it is widely believed that the Sadist is aroused by all kinds of pain and suffering he can cause (often to the extreme), in reality the sadist enjoys not so much the pain and humiliation to which his masochistic partner is subjected, but his reaction to this impact (moans, tears, fear, pleas for mercy). The stronger the masochist's reaction, the stronger the sadist's pleasure and vice versa - if the masochist does not react to the impact or reacts weakly, the sadist will certainly try to increase the intensity of pain.

In the BDSM context, the Sadist is a person who is more excited about the physical side of the game than about its psychological aspects of power and obedience. In BDSM practice, however, pure sadists who limit themselves to the physical aspect of pain and neglect psychological control are rare.
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