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Chronic masturbator

"Chronic masturbator" is a colloquial term used to describe someone (usually a man) who engages in frequent or excessive masturbation. In its traditional usage, the expression has a pejorative meaning, i.e., it is intended to demonstrate a belittling, mocking, or humiliating attitude towards the person to whom it is directed.

In the context of BDSM, the term chronic masturbator is generally used to refer to a submissive, slave, or masochist who is unable to control their sexual impulses and who, if left unsupervised or uncontrolled, would take any opportunity to masturbate compulsively despite the lack of permission from their Dominant partner.

In a wider context, the term can be used by the Dominant partner towards the submissive as a form of teasing or verbal humiliation to increase mutual arousal within various sexual control scenarios such as orgasm denial, forced chastity, forced masturbation, etc.

The image of the chronic masturbator is often present in various RPGs where the character must be "treated" or "taught" how to masturbate properly.

These are usually:

Strict nurse/chronic masturbator (supposing treatment by handjob or blowjob, by forced masturbation or forced orgasms, and post-orgasm tortures);

Doctor sexologist/chronic masturbator (usually associated with forced masturbation presented as a lesson on how to masturbate rightly);

Teacher/student-chronic masturbator (usually developing the above scenarios or using masturbation as a reason for imposing corporal punishments);

Stepmother/stepson-chronic masturbator (the whole range of scenarios described, from "treatment" or a "lesson" in how to masturbate to an occasion for applying domestic discipline or as a prelude leading to "incest").

Despite the playful nature of these and other scenarios, chronic masturbation remains one of the most underrated issues in BDSM.