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Cum play

Cum play is a collective name for a broad group of practices related to the use of sperm as a sexual stimulus in erotic play and in particular in BDSM, and can include collection of sperm for subsequent use (in condoms, bowls, containers), various forms of sperm consumption (tasting, licking, swallowing), as well as targeted ejaculation on different body parts (face, tits, butt), clothing (leather skirts, gloves, masks), objects, etc.

The use of fresh cum in the erotic scene may be related to the satisfaction of sperm fetishism without being associated with acts of Dominance and submission or be part of a larger scenario involving elements of humiliation and control within traditional BDSM dynamics.

Sperm fetishism, also known as semen fetish, sperm fetish, or cum fetish, sometimes mistakenly called "spermatophilia" (no similar scientific term exists), is related to a strong sexual attraction to semen and various aspects related to it, such as appearance, consistency, quantity, taste the satisfaction of the cum fetish usually follows the patterns characteristic of cum play such as collecting semen, measuring its quantity, tasting or licking it, swallowing semen, exchanging semen with a partner, intentionally cumming on one's own body or that of a partner, on certain surfaces or clothing, etc.

Within BDSM, cum play is usually part of broader scenarios involving elements of coercion and humiliation, for example, a submissive partner may be directed or even "forced" by their Dominant partner (Dom or Domme) to taste or lick their own semen, the Dominant's semen, or that of a third party in the scene, such as a second Dominant or another submissive. Sometimes this practice finds its manifestation in the condition that many Dominants introduce into their relationships with their submissives that after they cum they must lick/swallow the ejaculated semen, which often is accompanied by verbal humiliation such as being told to clean up the mess they left behind.

Some of the most popular forms of cum play involving oral interaction with sperm (own or another person's) include practices such as Cum Tasting, Cum Licking, Cum Eating, Cum Swallowing, Cum Holding.

Cum Tasting is usually a prelude to the actual consumption of the cum and very often is used by the Dominant partner to introduce an element of further humiliation by giving the submissive a taste of the cum, which they will then have to lick, swallow or hold in their mouth.

Cum Licking is probably one of the most familiar practices where the submissive partner is made to use their tongue to lick seminal fluid off the floor, another surface, glove, boots, or body of their Dominant partner. As a rule, Cum Licking usually follows ejaculation without being directly related to it. Sometimes Cum Licking involves licking dried semen, which means moistening and softening it with saliva before it can be licked off.

Cum Eating/Cum Swallowing usually involves a wide range of scenarios involving taking cum in the mouth and swallowing it. This may involve the submissive swallowing the sperm after it has been inserted into their mouth, for example, in direct ejaculation, from a used condom, or after it has been collected in a bowl or container. It can involve swallowing the semen immediately or holding it in the mouth before swallowing.

In some scenarios, cum play may involve the Dominant partner transferring semen from their own mouth (most often after giving a blow job to a third party, i.g. a bull) to the submissive partner's mouth. This can be done through various methods, such as kissing, spitting, or using a container to transfer the semen. Very often, the transfer of sperm takes place between two or more submissives, each of them having to hold it for a while and show by opening their mouth that they have not swallowed it before transferring it to the next one. Sperm transfer between submissives can continue until the Dominant partner orders someone down the chain to spit it out (on the floor, into a bowl or container for later use) or swallow it.

Another form of cum play involves cumming on food or in a drink and then eating or drinking it. This can involve the submissive partner consuming thus prepared food or beverage or engaging in specific feeding rituals, sometimes with other submissives.

One of the most popular forms of cum play is the Cum Facials. In this practice, the submissive partner receives semen on their face. The Dominant partner or a third party (second Dominant, another submissive under the orders of the Dominant, or a Bull in Cuckold) may ejaculate onto the submissive partner's face as a form of sexual humiliation and objectification. When it comes to collective cum on the face of a passive partner, the practice is commonly known as Bukake.

A variant of Facials Cum is when the submissive's head is covered by a BDSM mask (usually with a mouth opening, see facefuck mask). In addition to being highly visually stimulating for the Dominant partner, wearing a leather mask by the submissive in cum play scenes usually helps lower their inhibitions and increase their commitment.

Other preferred areas to cum on the submissive's body are the chest/tits, genitals, and bottom, and less commonly - back, abdomen, and other parts. After cum, the semen can be smeared and/or left to dry, or another submissive can be made to clean it with their tongue (see above Cum Licking).

Very often, especially with leather, rubber, or PVC fetishists, cum on the partner's body is cum on their leather, rubber, or PVC clothes. In some cases, after the cum has dried, the submissive is made to wear this clothing in public for further humiliation. Most often, it is a leather skirt or pants with a sticky cum mark on the ass.

One of the most overlooked aspects of cum play, especially when the submissive partner is expected to swallow their own cum, is the sudden drop in sexual desire after ejaculation. This is a recovery phase (the so-called refractory period) during which sexual arousal and desire typically diminish temporarily. The duration and intensity of the refractory period can vary greatly, but usually accompanied by regret, indecision, and even disgust at the thought of tasting, licking, or swallowing semen, despite initial enthusiasm. Very often, this also leads to open disobedience, and many Dominants, especially those with less experience, prefer to end the scene.

In many cases this is the right decision, but in others, the submissive needs a small incentive to help them complete the scene. Most often, the submissive expects to be "forced" by their Dominant.

Use psychological stimulation to enhance the submissive partner's desire to comply with the act of licking or swallowing their own cum. This can involve using authoritative language and verbal commands, elements of role-playing, or simply intransigence to their regret to create the sense of coercion they expect. If necessary, emphasize your determination by causing them moderate pain, bearing in mind that after ejaculation, the body is extremely sensitive, and the sensation will be unequivocally reported as strong or sharp.

You can also use the gradual exposure approach. Dip your finger in the cum and make your submissive partner taste it. Describe this taste to them as something disgusting (if you think that will turn them on) or something special (to help them overcome inhibitions and disgust). Repeat the action a few times until you feel they are ready to lick and swallow before you push their face into their own cum and order them to clean up.

In a state of excitement, a person often acts following the fantasy and not guided by reason. In BDSM scenes involving cum play, interaction with bodily secretions is usually direct and carries risks of sexually transmitted infections. Semen can carry sexually transmitted infections (including HIV) and other blood-borne pathogens, so if you're engaging in cum play should be aware of your own and your partner's health status.

No matter how aroused you are, do not accept the sperm of strangers or casual partners. The risk in cum play remains high even if you do not have direct oral, anal, or genital contact with semen.

For other practices related to bodily secretions, see Water sports.