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GIMP suit

A bondage catsuit, one-piece form-fitting garment originally made of leather, covering the body and extremities entirely and which allows their attachment together or to different objects. The Gimp suit is usually worn with a special leather bondage hood with eyes holes & zipper mouth, known as the Gimp mask.

In its original meaning, Gimp suit is a leather bondage suit with a specific look and cut, completely covering the body and designed to be worn by male slaves. In recent years, many fetish equipment manufacturers and BDSM gear have referred to "Gimp suit" as all kinds of clothing made from all kinds of materials (latex, PVC coated fabric and even spandex), perceiving the term as identical to "bondage suit" or even “fetish suit". Apart from ignorance of the history of BDSM culture, such an approach is often dictated by the pursuit of marketing goals.

The original Gimp suit can be seen in the movie "Pulp Fiction" (1994) by Quentin Tarantino.

See GIMP and bondage.