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Interrogation techniques

Interrogation techniques in BDSM are a set of methods and techniques for psychological and physical impact aimed at extracting information or confession in a special role-play simulating interrogation using torments applied within agreed limits, known as Interrogation play.

The use of interrogation techniques in BDSM aims to exert psychological pressure on the passive partner (victim), to break his will to resist and to force him to assist the active partner (Inquisitor) in revealing the circumstances that are a formal basis for conducting the interrogation session.

Classic interrogation techniques include alternation of physical impact with attempts to extract confessions from the victim. So for example the interrogation may begin by immobilizing the victim and asking the first few questions, and when she refuses to cooperate, the Inquisitor will put a bondage hood on her (see interrogation hood) and leave her to "think". When he decides that he has given the victim enough time to "think the situation over" (actually to live in a scenario, indulging in fear and arousal while standing in the dark and stuffy bondage hood), the Inquisitor may begin with the first physical effects that are usually a very mild demonstration of his actual ability to inflict pain. In order to enhance their effect, the first tortures are usually quick, sharp and short, and due to the inability of the victim to anticipate them - and unexpected. After giving the victim time to recover from the pain he has caused, the Inquisitor may remove his victim's hood and repeat the questions. If no answer is received or the victim's answer is unsatisfactory (eg the victim answers too slowly, deviates from the point of the question or is not convincing in the answers, or begs for mercy, or acts arrogantly), the Inquisitor may put the hood back on her head and continue the tortures, gradually increasing their intensity or adding new ones. The alternation of torture and questions will continue until the victim makes the confessions required by the Inquisitor, according to the agreed interrogation scenario.

The essential thing when applying interrogation techniques is that the Inquisitor does not deviate from his chosen direction and pace of the interrogation, especially when the victim begins to present her version, creating the illusion that she is fully cooperating. A skilled BDSM Inquisitor will take advantage of his victim's answers, looking for weak points and contradictions in her statements, using the slightest opportunity to waver and confuse her, prolonging her agony, and hence the finale of the interrogation (see Interrogation scenario).
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