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Interrogation hood

A bondage hood, usually of a simple form, restricting vision and hearing and obstructing breathing, specially selected or specially designed to cause a reaction of confusion, fear and helplessness in the person on whom it is put on (victim within the game, who could be a slave, submissive or masochist) in order to break his will to resist and force him to make confessions within a special type of BDSM role-play known as Interrogation play.

The simple shape of the interrogation hood is usually preferred to allow easy placement or removal of the hood from the victim's head. Depending on the chosen approach to the interrogation, the interrogation hood can be taken off and put on multiple times during the course of the scene, usually with application of torments (for more details see interrogation techniques).

Interrogation hoods are traditionally made from genuine or artificial leather, thick cotton fabric or tarpaulin. Leather is preferred due to its higher insulating qualities, as well as its ability to trap moisture and air inside the hood, adding a claustrophobic and suffocating effect to the victim's overall sensations.

To prevent actual suffocation, interrogation hoods are made with one or more breathing holes, usually located in the nose or mouth area. Sometimes, instead of classic breathing holes, perforations are used, located in the periphery of the field of vision, to reduce the victim's ability to see freely through them. Usually, the perforations are arranged the way that allows to let a certain amount of scattered light to penetrate inside with the air,, which plays the role of an additional irritant for the victim, depriving him of peace of complete darkness.

Interrogation hoods are often constructed to allow the Inquisitor to position the hood over the victim's head according to preference and the pace of the game, allowing the breathing perforations to move closer and further away from the victim's mouth and nose increasing or decreasing the hood's suffocating effect. Shifting the perforations in front of the victim's face allows her visual access to the scene to be dynamically controlled as well, giving her better, worse, or no ability to see outside, reducing her visual stimulation to individual flashes of light.

Bondage baghoods are most often used as interrogation hoods in BDSM practice.

Applying the interrogation hood during interrogation play is an extreme practice, bringing the game as close to reality as possible, which significantly increases the traditional risk of suffocation. The use of interrogation hoods should be carried out with increased attention to this risk and a responsible attitude to the life and health of the partner.