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Vincilagnia, also known as vincilagnophilia, is a sexual attraction characterized by an intense and all-consuming fascination with the act of bondage or being bound. People with vincilagnia experience arousal and sexual pleasure from the act of being tied up, tying others up or watching others in bondage situations.

The term Vincilagnia (from Latin: vincio, "to bind" and Ancient Greek: λαγνεία (lagneia), meaning "lust" or "desire") refers to sexual arousal achieved through physical restraint or bondage. It is also sometimes referred to as Vincilagnophilia, which has a similar meaning and is derived from the Latin words "vincio" and Greek φιλία ("philia"), meaning "love" or "attraction to."

Although both terms have a similar meaning, the term Vincilagnia is used to denote sexual arousal from an act of bondage or being bound, while the term Vincilagnophilia is more commonly used to describe a sexual attraction to bondage equipment such as ropes, chains, cuffs, bondage stocks and pillories, isolation boxes, cages, etc., which in its essence is a form of fetishism (sexual arousal caused by an inanimate object).

Vincilagnia can encompass a wide range of activities and sexually motivated practices, including tying up, shackling, blindfolding, mouth gagging, hooding, confinement in cages and prison cells, and much more. For people with vincilagnia, the act of being physically restrained, whether through ropes, chains, hoods, or other implements, evokes a profound sense of excitement, anticipation, and vulnerability.

People with vincilagnia may enjoy the sensory aspects of being bound, such as the feel of the rope, chains, or leather straps against their skin, or the sense of sensory deprivation and isolation from using bondage hoods or other head restraints. For some people, it is enough to be placed in bondage to achieve sexual satisfaction, while for others the physical restraints are only a prelude to subsequent actions that may include enduring pain, humiliation, or being used for sexual purposes.

The allure of vincilagnia lies not only in the physical sensation of being bound but also in the psychological and emotional aspects that accompany it. Many individuals with vincilagnia report feeling a sense of liberation and liberation through bondage, as it allows them to escape from the pressures, responsibilities, and expectations of everyday life. For them, relinquishing control through an act of vincilagnia and surrendering to the will of a trusted partner can be highly arousing and emotionally satisfying.

In the context of BDSM, vincilagnia is a common sexual attraction. It finds expression in some practices such as Asian bondage, leather bondage, and some role-playing games involving prison and imprisonment scenarios, or as an important element in more general practices such as classical Sadomasochism, Dominance & submission, and sexual slavery.