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Interrogation scene

The Interrogation scene in BDSM is generally the setting or conditions under which a particular role-play takes place in form of a simulation of interrogation using torments, known as interrogation play. Very often, interrogation scene in BDSM refers to the interrogation scenario around which the actions of the partners (provisionally named victim and Inquisitor) or the game itself are constructed (see Interrogation play).

The most common image of an interrogation scene conjures up narrow cells and gloomy BDSM dungeons equipped with complex bondage and torment equipment (see dungeon equipment). In fact, most interrogation play-practitioners play in their home by organizing the space according to their abilities and imagination.

The interrogation scene traditionally involves immobilizing the victim with subsequent application of torments. Most often, a simple chair or table is used for this purpose, and less often a hook or ring on the ceiling, from which the victim is hung. When a chair is used, it is good to check its strength and stability by securing it against possible overturning and falling of the victim while turning and tossing as a result of the torture. Usually ropes and/or bondage cuffs and less often handcuffs are used to fix the victim to the chair or table, which pose a risk of self-tightening and injury to the wrists during the game.

The interrogation scene can be further arranged by using subdued lighting and/or placing an interrogation hood on the victim's head (see interrogation techniques). To achieve more drama, the BDSM toys or tools for torments can be taken out in advance and placed in front of the victim.

The Interrogation scene usually starts with general questions from the Inquisitor, aimed at predisposing the victim and helping her get into the game. Usually they are related to the victim's name and surname, her age, profession, place of birth, etc. The answers expected from the victim can be random or specified in advance within the interrogation scenario. Many couples with extensive experience in interrogation play like to improvise, and sometimes the answers to even these first questions can tell a whole story, which is often highly sexually embellished.

When the victim answers too slowly, deviates from the point of the question, or is not convincing in her answers, or begs for mercy, or acts arrogantly, the Inquisitor can use torture to make her more cooperative. Their nature and intensity can vary within extremely wide limits depending on the individual preferences of the partners and what is agreed between them (see Torments).

Unless it is about sadomasochistic play, the causing, resp. enduring intense pain is rarely the primary goal of the game. Usually, the partners in interrogation play strive to achieve a deep psychological interaction with each other, and the use of more or less painful effects is intended to bring an element of believability to the play.

The interrogation scene usually ends when the victim utters the certain code word agreed to end the game or when she finally makes the confession implied by the interrogation scenario and expected by the Inquisitor. In fact, the finale of the scene can be repeatedly postponed (see Interrogation techniques) or take other forms (see Interrogation play).
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