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Leather Family

A leather family is a close-knit community of people who share an interest in BDSM and fetish. They may live together in a shared household, but not always.

The Dominant or Dominant couple at the core of the family take on a leadership role and are referred to as the "Head(s) of the household" or the "Householder(s)". They set rules and protocols, manage finances and logistics, organize events, and provide guidance and support to the submissives under their care.

A Dominant couple in the leather family may consist of a pair of Dominants or a Dominant and submissive who have a romantic relationship. They are gradually joined by regular and situational play partners and other people with whom they share common BDSM interests. Some leather families are formed through friendship or mentorship, which usually develop into play-based or traditional romantic relationships.

The relationships within a leather family can involve Dominance & submission, sexual servitude, discipline, control, and satisfying various fetishes such as leather, latex, or PVC fetishism, boot, and foot fetishism, among others. These relationships are complex and multifaceted.

In a leather family, submissives are often called "household members", "household property", or "collared submissives". To one submissive, the other submissives in the group are known as "leather siblings" or "collared siblings".

Submissives are expected to follow the rules and protocols established by the Householder(s) and participate in group activities. These rules may cover various aspects such as clothing, conduct, and daily routines, as well as specific BDSM practices, individual and group play, and group rituals.

Submissives may have different roles within the household based on their abilities and the group's requirements. Some submissives may be trained to become Dominants or switches, while others may focus on serving their Householder(s) or the household as a whole.

In addition to the Householder(s) and submissives, a leather family may also include other members who serve support roles or have a regular or situational relationship with the group. These members may be known as "extended family" or "leather kin."
A leather family is a group of individuals who share a strong emotional bond and a sense of loyalty and commitment to each other. This can include non-sexual relationships like mentorship or friendship. Being part of a close-knit group like this can provide a sense of belonging and acceptance that's hard to find elsewhere. Members may also participate in BDSM activities together, like attending events or exploring new practices, which can deepen their bond.

Despite the positive aspects of a leather family, there can be challenges. Envy, jealousy, and contradictions can arise and may even cause the group to break apart. Typically, the core of the group consisting of the primary Householder(s) is the only stable element. Other members may leave to form their own families or join with other members. New members are typically added to the family from the periphery.

In some cases, a leather family may have a hierarchy with the Householder(s) at the top and submissives organized in a more formal structure below them. This structure may include different levels of submission and be marked by specific names, symbols, or rituals.

For more information on formally organized BDSM group relationships, see Slaveholder.
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