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Leather Mistress

A Leather Mistress is a term used in BDSM to describe a female Dominant who has a preference for leather as a material in her clothing and BDSM gear.

In a broader sense a Leather Mistress is a term that describes a female Dominant who has a particular focus on BDSM activities that involve leather wear and leather equipment. This can include a wide range of BDSM practices, such as bondage, sensory deprivation, spanking, flogging, erotic humiliation, and role-playing, but with an emphasis on the use of leather clothing, boots, gloves, masks and accessories.

Leather is a popular fetish material in BDSM culture, and it is often associated with power, strength, and dominance. The figure of a Dominant woman dressed in leather directly reflects these associations.

A Leather Mistress may wear leather pants, coats, boots, gloves, and other items of clothing such as leather underwear or corsets, as well as use leather restraints, whips, spanking paddles, and other BDSM tools made of leather. Using this material can add an element of strong visual and sensory stimulation to BDSM play, as the texture, smell and sence of leather can be very arousing for many people.

The image of the Leather Mistress was influenced by fetishism, and leather fetishism in particular, and was traditional to sadomasochism throughout most of the 19th and all of the 20th century.

Its popularity, both in BDSM and in mass culture (reproduced in various forms in books, films, TV shows, advertisements) is so great that in the mass consciousness it has become a stereotype of the Dominatrix in general.

In popular culture, the figure of Leather Mistress are often portrayed as strong, powerful, and confident woman who use her leather outfit and Dominatrix skills to control, manipulate and dominate everyone else. Something more, by wearing leather clothing and using leather accessories, a Leather Mistress can visually express her dominance and authority over her slave, submissive partner or those around her.

In BDSM practice, the term Leather Mistress is more commonly used by Professional Mistresses (see Pro-Domme).