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Spanking paddle

Impact toy, specially designed for inflicting heavier or lighter strikes on the buttocks as a punishment in BDSM or for delivering sexual pleasure in sadomasochism.

The spanking paddle usually consists of a handle and a blade with which the strokes are applied.

The use of the paddle for spanking is generally known as "paddling", and depending on the technique used are known as "beating" (slow, heavy and deep strokes), "grinding" (fast, sharp and furious blows) or "spliting" (inflicting blows that injure and tear the skin).

Spanking paddles can be made of any material, but traditionally wood, vegetable tanned tick leather or a combination of both is used. A relative novelty in the construction of impact toys are leather covered wooden paddles, which allow the application of heavy blows without injuring or minimally injuring the skin at the site of impact, which allows their use without leaving visible marks or with minimal marks on the skin.

The length and width of the paddles can vary considerably depending on the construction and material, up to 50 - 60 cm in length and 8 - 10 cm in width at a significant weight for wooden paddles, requiring gripping and use with both hands. The mass models of BDSM paddles offered in most sex shops rarely exceed 25 - 30 cm in length and width of 4 - 4,5 cm at a weight of 50 - 60 g, regardless of the material, which defines them as short, thin and light.

There are different types of spanking paddles, some of them are inspired by tradition of using them as disciplinary tool in schools or disciplinary facilities in the past (The Lochgelly Tawse), other ones are designed especially for BDSM play. Hence the serious discrepancy in their names and in the way they are defined - BDSM paddles, leather slappers, leather paddles, leather straps, leather canes, Spanking Tawse, etc.

Attempts to unify spanking paddles have traditionally been based on their shape and size. Short and light spanking paddles are usually referred to as BDSM slappers. Narrow and long spanking paddles are also available as leather straps or leather canes, and the name spanking paddles is usually reserved for long, wide and heavy products.

Although such a classification of spanking paddles promises significant practical benefits (especially when choosing the right spanking toy), in reality each product has its own, unique characteristics that are difficult to summarize and should be paid attention to before making the choice.
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